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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Rao Viram Dev History and Biography

Rao Viram Dev 

Rao Viram Dev  AD 1515 at the age of 38 after the death of his father Rao Duda took over the rule of Merta, Terms of personality and courage were the same as his father, and he, like his father Jodhpur state cooperation and coordination Placed Mallu Khan and Khan dyed so as to defeat the powerful are ableRao Viram Dev, He is really great man he is Chittoor were confident of the Maharana Sanga.

Idol picture Rao Viram Dev History and Biography

About Rao Viram Dev 

They Say Muzzfrshah against the king of Gujarat, in Sanga Sanga Eyder campaign apart from the Delhi Sultans of Malwa Yudon played boast their hardiness. But Rao swell after the turmoil of the throne of Jodhpur Jodhpur, was moving her and sown the seeds of discord between Merta. protest the gap between the two states became more deeply.

Biography of Rao Viram Dev 

Rao Viram Dev  centurion of the Sultan of Malwa in Ajmer Ajmer abducted Maldev bear who was also captured, and he and his valorous captain Jata Led by sending Kunpa huge army defeated Merta and Ajmer drove Rao Viram Dev  attack but be courageous Virmdev won the rights to Didwana. Rao Viram Dev  but to also be there, surrounded by sheer force of Maldev where Virmdev in military warfare of the Maldev sword fiercely blown. Impressed by his bravery Jata general praised the heroism of Rao Viram Dev  brave like you happen to match the Maldev Maldev You can conquer the whole Hindustan. Didwana after it leaves the hand Rao Viram Dev  Amrsr Rayml Rao came to live where they stayed for a year and finally they reached near Sher Shah Suri | Maldev by Sher Shah took advantage of that feud with Virmdev, trying to shelter the Humayun's Maldev angered by Sher Shah Maldev had ambitions of his army, which led to the death of Sher Shah Rao Viram Dev  Jodhpur and Bikaner on sending marched with Kalyanml

rajasthan some khunjar image

History of Rao Viram Dev 

Sohardpuarn which are the same type of relationship between Merta Mewar If traces remain today with regard to history is something. 12 may 1531 after the death of the Ganga Rao  Maldev ruler of Jodhpur, Rajputana Become the most powerful ruler of his time, was considered a hatred of Rao Viram Dev  his mind The seed had already become rulers, so he started to attack Merta. valorous

Some things about this Great Person

Including its military might to counter Maldev date but before the start of the war Rao Viram Dev  be apprehensive because of the loyalty of his vassals to Maldev displaced from the war zone. The Sumalgiri war known Maldev army in the Battle of Sher Shah's Jata general Kunpa fierce fighting and heavy jeopardized by heavy losses since the victory of the army of Sher Shah said, "I am for a handful of millet loses the Sultanate of Delhi" The war of conquest Sher Shah's Virmdev and Kalyanml Jodhpur, Merta after sending troops with the authority given to the re-possession of Virmdev | Virmdev thus Merta six years after suffering bear managed to get on the right, but then they could not survive for long in 1544 and 66 February She passed away at the age.

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Author Of This Article

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Monday, 26 May 2014

Veer Durgadas Rathore History and Life

Veer Durgadas Rathore

Page in the history of Mewar loyalty where the foster mother's name is taken with respect to the history of Marwar, sacrifice, sacrifice, loyalty and patriotism Veer Veer DurgaDas has immortalized his name in golden letters over the years for the freedom of Marwar struggle, a heroic man born in Marwar Thakur Askrn Krnot No.'s home.

Veer Durgadas Rathore History and Life image

Veer Durgadas Rathore Birth Place

 Shukla was claimed to Cturdsi Sravn 1695 Askrn G. King Jaswant Singh of Jodhpur Marwar state forces were in the service of his father as a child, Durga was filled grind the heroic code, once tended camels in Jodhpur state army Raike (herders of camels) Askrn entrenched in the fields of law, Durga child rulers ignored the protests of the heroic young Durga and swords to pick up the blood off forthwith the camel to the neck,

Veer Durgadas Rathore Life's some Stories

TNPCB when King Vir Singh Ji reached the child to see if they got desperate and ordered his Senikon lane at the Durga chef at his court were surprised to see the gallant lad's fearlessness and fearlessness, his son Askrn law Admitting such a bold witness to the crime was caught off guard when asked to introduce the son of King Ji Askrn know it is claimed, the chef and reward the Durga patted his sword to call drafted into the army offering

Veer Durgadas Rathore History and Life image

Why He is Great Man

The Mughal emperor King Aurangzeb in Delhi Jaswant Singh was commander in chief of the army, however, due Jodhpur Aurangzeb was not good for the state and he was always looking for an opportunity to grab No. Jodhpur. Rebellion against the Mughal Sultanate of Gujarat in 1731, Jaswant Singh Ji was sent to suppress the revolt after pressing King Jaswant Singh drove to suppress the rebellion of the Pathans in Kabul and with the help of veer to quell the rebellion of the Pathans get up to speed with the heroic.

Veer Durgadas Rathore History and Life image

Veer Durgadas Rathore History

At that point, they had a son and his two queens were pregnant, the two have a son, died on the way to a son and another son, Ajit Singh, Ajit Singh's murder by way of fork Orngjeb understand determined, Orngjeb foresaw the Kuniyt by Durga and the loyal support of Mukandas made ​​out of affectation Rchakr Delhi Ajit Singh and Ajit Singh of Jodhpur Gdi raised with the proper system to operate the intrigues Orngjeb Bdte on duty path are waging against Ajit Singh Vir Das grow up to sit on the throne of Jodhpur state had to eat dusting rate for unity and freedom, Orngjeb could not deter the force and greed Durga Jodhpur Durga's battle for freedom was a twenty-five years, but in the last days of the life of Durga King Ajit Singh of Marwar had to leave some people had filled the ears against Durga Das King unwilling to live with the object to position Aware Durga thought fit to leave the Marwar state, and they went Uzzen Marwar the left bank of the river Shipra spent the last day of his life and where he claimed he is dead Pidion for our upcoming Durga heroism, patriotism, sacrifice and loyalty and motivation remain perfect |

Final words of Aricle

He was died 22 nov. His funeral in 1718 was claimed was on the banks of the river Shipra, "they could not distract wealth of Mughal Mughal power nor could recapture their restorative Hridye which he was a brave Rajput and Mughal minister courage was diplomacy" (Sir Jadunath government)

About The Author Of This Article:

Author Of This Article

Hello, My Name Is Muhammad Hassan And I Am The CEO, Founder Of EXEIdeas International. I Blogs At EXEIdeas And Also Love Coding And Designing. Currently I Design Some Work For You That You Can Check At EXEIdeas International Official Site. We Also Have A Lots Of Project Currently Live Oneline That You Can Also Check On Our Official Site.

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History of bhangarh Fort in rajasthan

Most Haunted Bhangard Fort Rajasthan India

Bhangard the shattered city of Rajasthan fort and scary haunted castle is popular in foreign countries by name Alwar and Jaipur to visit the fort can be reached by road from the rail off the road Dausa railway station,This place can be reached from a distance of 22 kms from Dausa Bhangard. About 80 kilometers from both the Jaipur and Alwar.Theories of the fort and town of Bhangard mean fewer Rtnawati and a magical story of the queen is the head of popular legends told in Rtnawati Queen of the Bhangard, In the story of a beautiful princess. Stories both on Indus Sevdha with the character's name and his misdeed, a sorcerer is definitely connected.

Queen Rtnawati and a Magician story 

According to the prevailing story Indus Deora was magical rituals on the hill near the castle he was enamored by the Queen as Rtnawati. Bhangard market one day he saw a maid queen to queen hair oil is picking him Indus Sevdha Any oil on the oil that he will bless him and bring him oil. oil saw the queen says it is understood that the oil indus spellbound by Sevdha says, so she is the queen also identify proven Karli and immediately throw away the maid said that oil. maid spilled the oil on a rock, Spellbound adds oil to the rock and rushed to Sevdha Udakr Indus Indus Sevdha estimated that the queen saw him sitting on rock Blessed oil queen returning to her so she ordered directly off my chest.

Then the witch came to reality when it came to rock the rock above her fall before she hurriedly Anan mean fewer Bhangard city and the curse of the rock itself trampled him to death. Says perfected came to the queen! Do not get late it, he to understand immediately ordered the evacuation of the city. City evacuated after it was burnt down and the witch curses the princess was presented climb.

How much truth is in this story -

In this story, the truth can be known about the legends of the ongoing story Bhangard many people in so many princess Rtnawati Btaten Queen's. Queen Rtnawati mention what everyone else does king queen?

What did the king and his rule?
What period shattered in town?
This is all up to questions. 500 years ago, is often shattered the town and fort called Fort different points of view after the date of the inscriptions of kings mean fewer significantly reduced the time limit. its journey temple we've (maybe Mangala Devi or Keshvray) was a large rock at the entrance to the sanctuary of the era, written in 1902 during the era saw the construction of the temple in 1902 by the then obviously the previous year from today, the town population was 167

History of  Bhangard Rajasthan

History books you may have not found much information about me on Bhangard Kunwar Devi Singh Mandawa his book "Rajasthan Kcwah" does give a brief history of the Bhangard. Fort till I find historical information Bhangard, Bhangard by the Amer Fort, built by King Bgwantdas his younger son, the old man (Jai Singh) found. Mngsr death of Bgwantdas Sudi Samvat 7 1646, was held in Lahore on December 15, 1590. So it is easy to guess that this time around the old man sat on the throne of the fort. Malpura was subject to and in accordance with Nansi Ajmer was Munhta  the old man (Jai Singh) Raja Man Singh of Amber, like his older brother was a very brave man, he lived in several important RNA showing valor in battle had proved their mettle in Amer, his heroism were a myth. Once they from a window of the Amber Fort Amer came suddenly died due to falling. where he died has become a memorial for him  exorcist living historian of Rajasthan in Bhangard met the old man's two inscriptions that evilly at the Magh Samvat units Was written in 1654 and another 1655.

The old man (Jai Singh), his son is also known by the name of Chatrasal Ctrsinh the throne of Bhangard Ctrsinh Bimsinh and his two sons, Anand Singh, who revolted in the south of RNA to martyrdom in battle of Lodi Khanjhaँ were received. Ctrsinh Ajbsinh a son who was also named Bhangard Ajbgdh a town near the fort built and erected. Ajbsinh unexpected heroism in the war had shown Blk. Ctrsinh Aashaadh evilly in an inscription found in the Bhangard 13 V. l got hammered 0.1676 . Ctrsinh Ugrasen had a son who sat on the throne of his books that I have got to know. Badi units on Magh Samvat Bhangard Another inscription found in the same race in 1722 a Hari descended from the throne.

Hari Singh's two sons or her ancestry to Islam's two sons were in the time of Aurangzeb, whose name was Muhammad Kulij and Mohammed threshold of two brothers who had Bhangard state Bhangard found in an inscription on which is engraved on Jeth Sudi 14, 1756, These two brothers become Muslim and Mughal power in Delhi Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh of Amber took advantage of weakening the two brothers were captured and killed Bhangard state control from the old man (Jai Singh) to descendants of made under its grantee.

Some Question You must Know 

By Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh Ji who is the subject of this fort was vassal?
Management and control of the fort which was in the hands of the grantee?
The Queen is said to have Rtnawati that he was a resident of a nearby village which Titrvada manor queen?
Shattered city, when and why?
What would Pristhityan such powerful rulers of Jaipur Amer Subject thriving and prosperous city deserted ruined it?
The castle was burnt and razed the city to complete the construction of the temple, how safe are they?
There are many questions for which research is needed prevention. Bhangard a time to explore the rich history of the city, it can put you in front of people, I'll do my best.

True destroyed and ghost town by Indus Sevdha

Shattered Marketplace

The fort and the town mean fewer popular stories and public relations - has been discussed above shrutis after seeing the fort and the city that can be easily guessed by a stone fort and the city has not been destroyed, but After many years of being empty and desolate cities to be near by villages and other goods needed to remove vacant buildings around the buildings in ruins fort and mehlon have to remove the them wealth Pyrdiwah Excavations have been damaged by the thieves go to the town and castle as well as tourists climb the walls and causing damage is broken.

Safe Gopinath Temple

Curiously, havelis and markets located in the town was built on the ruins found in the ancient temple city Bhangard yes it is safe way of course is missing his sculptures. Tantric his power by the natural disasters or the city How then can we be saved Ujdna temple? One thing is clear, doors, etc., used in homes worth in temples temples of the gods of the people not muster the courage fear of causing damage.
The fort and the ruins of the city of ghosts ever had to learn the truth of the matter Paranarml the team with equipment and crews spent all night traveling fortress have them not to no ghosts of the tools that the along the such a thing, enter Having confirmed ghost.

Final Words on Bhangard Jaipur

We also stationed there during his visit to discuss the existence of ghosts from the Archaeological Department employee told the employee that the employee is that there are a total of nine shifts three team of three have to deployed and Kollappetta in the safety of Fort complex do they patrol . night patrol when he was not feeling like a ghost, nor are they afraid fear YES wild animals because of the forest, for which he alert and jarur have to be vigilant.

Aaj Tak and Zee TV program staff were also not seen any ghosts even after what he revealed Aaj Tak live TV is no ghost in the fort for those Junti the ghost to her by the Zee TV story disseminated that merely TRP stunt hunger can only be called.

About The Author Of This Article:

Author Of This Article

Hello, My Name Is Muhammad Hassan And I Am The CEO, Founder Of EXEIdeas International. I Blogs At EXEIdeas And Also Love Coding And Designing. Currently I Design Some Work For You That You Can Check At EXEIdeas International Official Site. We Also Have A Lots Of Project Currently Live Oneline That You Can Also Check On Our Official Site.

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