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Rao Viram Dev History and Biography

Rao Viram Dev 

Rao Viram Dev  AD 1515 at the age of 38 after the death of his father Rao Duda took over the rule of Merta, Terms of personality and courage were the same as his father, and he, like his father Jodhpur state cooperation and coordination Placed Mallu Khan and Khan dyed so as to defeat the powerful are ableRao Viram Dev, He is really great man he is Chittoor were confident of the Maharana Sanga.

Idol picture Rao Viram Dev History and Biography

About Rao Viram Dev 

They Say Muzzfrshah against the king of Gujarat, in Sanga Sanga Eyder campaign apart from the Delhi Sultans of Malwa Yudon played boast their hardiness. But Rao swell after the turmoil of the throne of Jodhpur Jodhpur, was moving her and sown the seeds of discord between Merta. protest the gap between the two states became more deeply.

Biography of Rao Viram Dev 

Rao Viram Dev  centurion of the Sultan of Malwa in Ajmer Ajmer abducted Maldev bear who was also captured, and he and his valorous captain Jata Led by sending Kunpa huge army defeated Merta and Ajmer drove Rao Viram Dev  attack but be courageous Virmdev won the rights to Didwana. Rao Viram Dev  but to also be there, surrounded by sheer force of Maldev where Virmdev in military warfare of the Maldev sword fiercely blown. Impressed by his bravery Jata general praised the heroism of Rao Viram Dev  brave like you happen to match the Maldev Maldev You can conquer the whole Hindustan. Didwana after it leaves the hand Rao Viram Dev  Amrsr Rayml Rao came to live where they stayed for a year and finally they reached near Sher Shah Suri | Maldev by Sher Shah took advantage of that feud with Virmdev, trying to shelter the Humayun's Maldev angered by Sher Shah Maldev had ambitions of his army, which led to the death of Sher Shah Rao Viram Dev  Jodhpur and Bikaner on sending marched with Kalyanml

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History of Rao Viram Dev 

Sohardpuarn which are the same type of relationship between Merta Mewar If traces remain today with regard to history is something. 12 may 1531 after the death of the Ganga Rao  Maldev ruler of Jodhpur, Rajputana Become the most powerful ruler of his time, was considered a hatred of Rao Viram Dev  his mind The seed had already become rulers, so he started to attack Merta. valorous

Some things about this Great Person

Including its military might to counter Maldev date but before the start of the war Rao Viram Dev  be apprehensive because of the loyalty of his vassals to Maldev displaced from the war zone. The Sumalgiri war known Maldev army in the Battle of Sher Shah's Jata general Kunpa fierce fighting and heavy jeopardized by heavy losses since the victory of the army of Sher Shah said, "I am for a handful of millet loses the Sultanate of Delhi" The war of conquest Sher Shah's Virmdev and Kalyanml Jodhpur, Merta after sending troops with the authority given to the re-possession of Virmdev | Virmdev thus Merta six years after suffering bear managed to get on the right, but then they could not survive for long in 1544 and 66 February She passed away at the age.

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