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Veer Durgadas Rathore History and Life

Veer Durgadas Rathore

Page in the history of Mewar loyalty where the foster mother's name is taken with respect to the history of Marwar, sacrifice, sacrifice, loyalty and patriotism Veer Veer DurgaDas has immortalized his name in golden letters over the years for the freedom of Marwar struggle, a heroic man born in Marwar Thakur Askrn Krnot No.'s home.

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Veer Durgadas Rathore Birth Place

 Shukla was claimed to Cturdsi Sravn 1695 Askrn G. King Jaswant Singh of Jodhpur Marwar state forces were in the service of his father as a child, Durga was filled grind the heroic code, once tended camels in Jodhpur state army Raike (herders of camels) Askrn entrenched in the fields of law, Durga child rulers ignored the protests of the heroic young Durga and swords to pick up the blood off forthwith the camel to the neck,

Veer Durgadas Rathore Life's some Stories

TNPCB when King Vir Singh Ji reached the child to see if they got desperate and ordered his Senikon lane at the Durga chef at his court were surprised to see the gallant lad's fearlessness and fearlessness, his son Askrn law Admitting such a bold witness to the crime was caught off guard when asked to introduce the son of King Ji Askrn know it is claimed, the chef and reward the Durga patted his sword to call drafted into the army offering

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Why He is Great Man

The Mughal emperor King Aurangzeb in Delhi Jaswant Singh was commander in chief of the army, however, due Jodhpur Aurangzeb was not good for the state and he was always looking for an opportunity to grab No. Jodhpur. Rebellion against the Mughal Sultanate of Gujarat in 1731, Jaswant Singh Ji was sent to suppress the revolt after pressing King Jaswant Singh drove to suppress the rebellion of the Pathans in Kabul and with the help of veer to quell the rebellion of the Pathans get up to speed with the heroic.

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Veer Durgadas Rathore History

At that point, they had a son and his two queens were pregnant, the two have a son, died on the way to a son and another son, Ajit Singh, Ajit Singh's murder by way of fork Orngjeb understand determined, Orngjeb foresaw the Kuniyt by Durga and the loyal support of Mukandas made ​​out of affectation Rchakr Delhi Ajit Singh and Ajit Singh of Jodhpur Gdi raised with the proper system to operate the intrigues Orngjeb Bdte on duty path are waging against Ajit Singh Vir Das grow up to sit on the throne of Jodhpur state had to eat dusting rate for unity and freedom, Orngjeb could not deter the force and greed Durga Jodhpur Durga's battle for freedom was a twenty-five years, but in the last days of the life of Durga King Ajit Singh of Marwar had to leave some people had filled the ears against Durga Das King unwilling to live with the object to position Aware Durga thought fit to leave the Marwar state, and they went Uzzen Marwar the left bank of the river Shipra spent the last day of his life and where he claimed he is dead Pidion for our upcoming Durga heroism, patriotism, sacrifice and loyalty and motivation remain perfect |

Final words of Aricle

He was died 22 nov. His funeral in 1718 was claimed was on the banks of the river Shipra, "they could not distract wealth of Mughal Mughal power nor could recapture their restorative Hridye which he was a brave Rajput and Mughal minister courage was diplomacy" (Sir Jadunath government)

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